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Linen Scarf, woven from the finest Italian-spun threads on antique Ruti looms at the Mungo Mill.

One of a kind

The unique feature of our antique looms is their shuttles. Inside each shuttle lies the yarn-wound pirn, which carries the weft threads across the warp. Pirns are loaded onto the shuttles via a magazine, before being fed onto the loom.

In the case of the Linen Scarf, the pirns have been randomly loaded. This play is what gives the garment its unusual appeal, creating a unique combination of colours in the weft.

The result is that no two scarves are alike, and each one bears the creative hand of the weaver.

Finished with a true selvedge, a self-finished, non-fraying edge particular only to shuttle looms.

A short eyelash fringe completes the look.

For the love of linen

Flax yarn has an unmatched breathability. Cosy in winter, yet lightweight and breathable in summer.

Linen‘s natural crushed creases add texture and charm. With a handle that maintains its integrity with wear.

Our linen yarn is sourced from Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale – a company based in Bergamo, Italy, that has been in the business of spinning top-quality linen yarn since 1873. As an OEKO-TEX-certified producer, in LCN we found an ethos that matched our own – a commitment to exceptional quality and sustainable production.

Mungo Linen Scarf. 100% highest quality Italian-spun linen, woven on shuttle looms in South Africa
Mungo Linen Scarf. Woven in South Africa at the Mungo Mill. 100% natural fibre homeware

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24″ x 79″

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