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Designed for longevity.

Your Mungo products have been designed to last.

We select high quality fibres, use strong weaves and enduring styles to ensure that your Mungo textiles see you through the seasons.
That being said, here are some simple instructions in the interest of preserving the lifespan of your Mungo product.

General Care

Bed Linen Care

Stain Removal

Natural Fibres

All Mungo textiles are woven with 100% natural fibres.
At their essence, they preserve something of the earth – living, almost breathing fibres which have subtle variances and character.

A note on natural fibres

All natural fibre fabrics absorb moisture, lengthening and shortening slightly with changes in humidity.

In some products slubs and slightly uneven weaving can be expected. This is from the natural fibres and the antique machinery it has been woven on. It’s a hallmark of its character and unique appeal.

Do not bleach any of our fabrics, neither dyed nor natural.

Avoid use of optical brighteners which remain embedded in the cloth and cause it to become dull over time.

All fibres, natural, synthetic and dyed will fade over time if left in direct sunlight.

Laundry detergents all have a small amount of whitening agent present; with constant washing one can expect the product to fade.

A Note on Sustainability

Mungo products are designed to be of an heirloom quality.
By creating products of enduring quality and style, we hope to slow down the cycle of production and replacement, and create products not only for regular use but for enjoyment.

We remain committed to continually refining our processes to find gentler solutions – striving to be as environmentally and socially responsible as possible.

Our mill is GOTS-certified

Our organic cotton is GOTS-certified

Our linen is OEKO-TEX certified

Our dyes are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 regulated

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