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They say that the man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. Fortunately for us, that man does not work at Mungo.

In fact, on the warp for the Vrou Vrou we made a mistake (read all about that here), and then we made this mistake into not one, but three perfect products. We at Mungo call this kind of error a ‘weaver’s folly’, which is why the first of these products is the aptly named Folly Beach Towel.

The Folly is also named after the quaint town of Folly Beach in South Carolina, just south of Charleston where we have recently based our brand new American online shop. A sleepy, surfer’s haven of a city, nothing says summer like its salty sea air, the sticky ice cream hands of small children, and a strolling along its iconic dock down by the water.

The first batch sold out within a couple of weeks, so you better get your hands on the new Fiddler Crab colourway before they’ve also all scuttled off out of our stores.

Folly to make you jolly, anyone?

All Mungo products are carefully designed and individually woven on our refurbished looms at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

As part of our sustainability objective, we contribute 1% of our annual turnover to our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, MOVE, which seeks to protect the environment, and empower the people, of the Plettenberg Bay community.

Folly /ˈfɒli/ : a lack of good sense; foolishness (noun)

Is the Folly Beach Towel sensible? Well, that wouldn’t be the first adjective to come to mind, but it definitely makes sense to own one. It is everything you could ever want from a beach towel – it’s big, it’s bright, it’s highly absorbent and it’s a great backdrop for a pair of bronzed limbs.

Is the Folly Beach Towel foolish? Well, you will probably look it when that beautiful peacock design is imprinted on your face after inevitably falling asleep under the sun on its soft, textured weave. But you’d also be pretty foolish not to covet one of these limited edition towels to accompany you on your upcoming summer adventures.

Why Go Flat Weave

Super Absorbent: natural cotton is perfect for wicking away moisture on wet skin.

Quick Drying: the unique flat weave design ensures your towel is dry in a jiffy

Compact: characteristically compact, our flat weave towels make for easy travelling & storing

Softer & Softer: Cotton yarn ages well, becoming more and more soft with each and every wash.

Eco-friendly: natural fibres & low bulk for the washing load

Durable: long lasting, not destined for landfill

Mungo Folly Beach Towel in Blue Crab. Pure cotton flat weave towels woven at the Mungo Mill in South Africa
Mungo Folly Beach Towel in Hermit Crab. Pure cotton flat weave towel woven at the Mungo Mill
Mungo Folly Beach Towel in Fiddler Crab, a textile woven in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Mungo homeware textiles. Designed, woven, made in South Africa

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