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We all know you can have too many cooks in the kitchen, but you can never have enough cloths.

Three unique features give the Cook’s Cloth its appeal and multifunctionality in the kitchen.

  • A sewn-in hanging loop: No more falling kitchen cloths! Avoid this unnecessary frustration completely by making swift use of the hanging loop to quickly and easily place your cloth where it belongs. It won’t land up on the floor anymore.
  • Drawstring: Turn your cloth into a wrap-around apron by looping the string around the back of your waist. Your handy cloth now leaves your hands free to slice, saute, sprinkle and sizzle. We’ll leave the hot debate on whether or not this is fashionable attire out of this.
  • Button hole: If you struggle to get through a meal without some of it spilling down your front, this nifty button hole can save you from many an awkward mealtime moment. Business-class travellers know all about this little secret, now your clothes can stay clean and crisp throughout the day too.

If you’re the kind of person who likes efficiency and simplicity, and who sometimes ends up wearing your meal; the Cook’s Cloth is probably for you. Woven on the jewel of our loom collection, our beloved 100 year old Hattersley loom, otherwise known as Hattie. The Cooks Cloth forms part of a small range woven at our inner city micro mill in the heart of Cape Town.

As part of our sustainability objective, we contribute 1% of our annual turnover to our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, MOVE, which seeks to protect the environment, and empower the people, of the Plettenberg Bay community where our mill and flagship store is based.

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  • 24” x 31.5”

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