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The Vrou Vrou Blanket is a bold, chunky and vibrant statement piece for any home. Designer Lenore Schroeder embarked on a captivating journey through our extensive archives brimming with historic patterns and designs. This treasure trove of inspiration became the wellspring of her vision. Lenore’s exploration extended to the classic Harris Tweed checks, originally woven on the very Hattersley looms that remain the heart of Mungo’s textile production in South Africa.

Her fascination extended to the three-dimensional allure of the waffle weave and the clever use of the color wheel’s complementary colors: The Cypress Vrou Vrou is an earthy green and burnt orange blanket, perfect for the fall and winter months. The Tamarind Vrou Vrou is a sunny yellow and tangerine orange blanket – a bold and popular bedroom choice.

The neat, pocket-like structure of this renowned chunky woven blanket and the vibrant cross-sections of color, reminiscent of plaid checks, became the foundational elements for the creation of Vrou Vrou.

Through her innovative approach, Lenore ingeniously played with the intersections of color, amplifying the scale of the well-known plaid check. The result is a classic design reimagined into something truly captivating, contemporary, and handwoven from the finest cotton fibers.

Vrou Throw? Vrou-Vrou? Vrou Blanket?…

Originally called the ‘Vrou Throw’ after the Afrikaans word for lady. After a series of tongue-twisting mispronunciations and closer definition inspection we nicknamed it the Vrou-Vrou; a play on the phrase ‘frou frou’ meaning heavily ornamental and elaborate (adj.) or a rustling sound of fabric (n.).

Vrou-Vrou Facts

The Vrou-Vrou is woven from Southern African grown cotton on our wide width Dornier looms at the new Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

The classic waffle weave has a cellular structure which gives the Vrou-Vrou a chunky body and texture. The pure cotton yarn ensures that it remains light and breathable, perfect for year round luxury.

Although called the Vrou Throw, it’s technically a full sized blanket, made to cover a bed, but also great for an evening stroll or marking your spot by the lake.

Each Vrou-Vrou is woven with 9 different colored yarns. The warp features 5 colour variations and the weft features 4.

Mungo Vrou Vrou Blanket in Tamarind. Pure cotton waffle weave blankets.
Mungo pure cotton Vrou-Vrou blanket in Tamarind

Customers who bought & used this product shared the below feedback on comfort & quality. If you make a purchase please share your thoughts, we value your feedback!

  1. I will definitely purchase products from Mungo again!

    I recently purchased Boma Cloth in a variety of colors and a king-size Vrou-Vrou blanket. I couldn’t be happier with the products and their packaging. The colors and fabrics are rich with so much depth. The Boma Cloth is a great size – larger than a typical kitchen or hand towel, so they can be used for a variety of purposes. The loop on one corner allows you to hook them wherever. I will definitely purchase products from Mungo again!

    Ann Marshall (verified owner)

  2. Artwork on a bed

    Beautiful colors that look fantastic on our guest bed. Love the Weave and quality.

    Mona (verified owner)

  3. Color combination

    Quality is outstanding, colors are saturated and gorgeous. This is so lovely I may leave the coverlet off all summer!

    Shelby Moravec (verified owner)

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  • 79″ x 94″ – Double
  • 87″ x 94″ – Queen
  • 94″ x 94″ – King
  • 94″ x 102″ – Super King

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