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Lightweight, quick-drying linen towels, suited for bath or beach.

Woven from the finest Italian-spun threads at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay.

The feel

Derived from the fibres of the flax plant, linen yarn has an unmatched handle. The final textile is light, soft and refined, with a unique natural lustre.

Lighter than cotton, linen makes for the perfectly breezy beach or bath towel – drying quickly and wicking water from the skin with ease.

Quick to dry and characteristically compact, it makes for easy travel or beach-bag storage. With a subtly textural handle that leaves your skin soft and refreshed.

Initially crisp to the touch, it will grow more yielding, developing its character with time and use.

The fibre

Our linen is grown in the Flanders fields of Europe, where the climate and soil are best suited for flax cultivation. The fibres are then pulled, retted and scutched the traditional way, before being spun by our master spinners in Bergamo, Italy. In operation since 1873, and OEKO-TEX certified to ensure credible earth-friendly production, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale leads the way for a low-impact and elegant natural material.

Winging their way to our mill in Plettenberg Bay, our flax yarn is then carefully warped, woven, cut and pressed to perfection. All to present a final product of enduring quality, and refined appeal.

Wash and care

Machine washable on a cool setting.
For a crisp finish, iron while damp.

175cm x 110cm

Mungo Flax Towel in Amber, held against the light. Woven by Mungo. Beach and bath towels woven with natural fibres.
A stack of Mungo Flax Towels. Natural fibre bath and beach towels. Woven in South Africa by Mungo.

Unlike the traditional terry cloth, our flat weave towels are characteristically light and compact. This unique weave allows us to play with the design and structure, resulting in a feast of visual possibilities.

So Why Linen?

Absorbency: perfect for wicking away moisture from wet skin

Quick Drying: light and airy, pure linen dries in a jiffy

Space Saving: characteristically compact for easy travelling & storage

Softer & Softer: with a handle that grows more yielding with time and use

All Natural: a low-impact fibre, spun by our OEKO-TEX certified suppliers

For the Softest skin: subtly textural for gentle exfoliation

Fresh Feeling: naturally anti-bacterial, and good for sensitive skin, linen looks looks (and smells) fresh for longer

Durable: destined to last, not for landfill

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69″ x 43″

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