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Our South Kikoi is available in a kaleidoscope of colours. It’s a dazzling array and we’re sure you’ll find the right one for you.

The famous Kikoi originated on the East Coast of Africa with particular prominence in Kenya and Tanzania. It is now found across the continent and loved throughout the world.

Kikoi (or Kikoy) comes from the Swahili word for ‘wrap’ or ‘something to wrap around you’. The name itself denotes the versatility of this handy piece of apparel. Used as a sarong, skirt, baby sling, towel, scarf, shawl, head wrap, dress, and so much more. It’s a useful item that once you own you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

For years we’ve been weaving our own homage to the classic East African Kikoi at our Mill in Plettenberg Bay on our seventy-year-old Ruti looms. Prized for their versatility our bright and colourful wraps have always been in high demand. So much so that our two Ruti’s can no longer keep up (they do their best and we love them for it!). So to facilitate more colours and greater volume we’ve moved production of our striped Kikoi range to our Dornier machines.

Mungo contributes 1% of our annual turnover towards our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, MOVE, which seeks to empower the Plettenberg Bay community where our mill is based.

A kikoi is a traditional rectangle of woven cloth originating from Africa, particularly along the east coast as far south as the Horn of Africa. It is most commonly viewed as a type of sarong.

The Mungo 100% Cotton Kikoy South is a colourful and versatile beach wrap, sarong, head wrap or towel for tropical beach holidays

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  1. Versatile and durable

    I am in LOVE with this wrap. I have used it in so many instances (shoulder wrap when it’s chilly, lap blanket on an airplane, sarong beach cover up, neck warming scarf, picnic blanket, yoga mat) that I always keep it in my bag. It is perfect for travel. It rolls up compactly but spreads out large enough to have a picnic on. Lightweight but sturdy. Machine washable and wrinkle-free. Only gets softer and more lovely over time!

    B.V. Messervy

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  • approximately 35″ x 67″

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