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Mungo baby blankets are individually woven on our 100-year-old Lancashire looms. One of the reasons that we weave the baby blanket range on the antique shuttle looms is because the tension of the warp is much looser that the modern rapier looms. This gives them a softer ‘loftier’ handle and a true selvedge (self finished edge that prevents the fabric from unraveling or fraying).

Made from pure cotton, organically grown in fields that have been cultivated without pesticides. Mungo Baby blankets are non-toxic to babies and the earth. The textural weave is designed to be gentle and soothing to soft skin. Woven with a a traditional basket twill weave that is warm and chunky, but also loose and breathable, perfect for the warm summer months

Available in a range of soft natural and pastel colours, these blankets always make perfect baby shower gifts.

As part of our sustainability objective, we contribute 1% of our annual turnover to our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, MOVE, which seeks to protect the environment, and empower the people, of the Plettenberg Bay community where our mill and flagship store is based.

Why buy organic?

  • No pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and GMO’s are used on crops and exposed to your baby
  • Environmentally friendly and uses less water
  • Improved health for farmers and a positive impact on producers livelihoods
  • Softer than regular cotton

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  • 31.5” x 47”

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