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The Mungo Organic Block Rib Towel is a soft, quick-drying bath towel woven with organic cotton.

With an optimum weight to ensure a soft, supple handle that effortlessly absorbs.
Featuring a subtly sophisticated ‘block weave’ design.
Compact for ease of movement and storage and quick drying once hung.
All our towels are finished with a hanging hook.

The Weave

Featuring a historic ‘block weave’ that enhances its good looks and strong absorbency.
A traditional design with a modern feel, the Organic Block Rib Towel is our take on a contemporary classic.

Elevate the Everyday

Our bath towels are designed to be as beautiful as they are functional.
An item to be treasured, loved, used and enjoyed.
A towel designed to transform routine to ritual.

Organic Cotton

Our Block Rib Towels are woven with GOTS-certified organic cotton.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world-leading certification for the processing of organic fibres. From raw material harvesting to the final product, it ensures environmentally and socially responsible practices across the entire supply chain.⁠

In 2019, we proudly became South Africa’s first GOTS-certified weaving mill. A certification that evidences our unwavering commitment to sustainable and ethical processes throughout.
With our GOTS certification, we aim to assure our customers of our steadfast commitment to sustainable, ethical textile production, right from field and fibre, to finished product.

Why Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is cultivated and produced without genetic modification, chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or synthetic dyes. As a result, it’s a fibre that’s not only better for our soil and skin, but for the wellbeing of farmers – who are protected against the chemical exposure of GMO cotton, and can better regulate fair wages to ensure improved quality of life.

The Global Organic Textile Standard

Size Guide

Hand Towel: 50cm x 80cm
Bath Towel: 98cm x 160cm

Care Guide

Machine wash at 40 degrees
Line dry in shade or tumble dry at low heat
Do not bleach

A bathroom with two towels hanging - the Mungo Organic Block Rib Towels. Organic cotton bath towels
A stack of Mungo Organic Block Rib Towels. Soft, absorbent bath and hand towels woven with GOTS Organic Cotton
A stack of Mungo Organic Block Rib Towels. Soft, absorbent bath and hand towels woven with GOTS Organic Cotton

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  • Hand Towel: 20″ x 31″
  • Bath Towel: 39″ x 63″

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