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Note: For optimum absorbency, always wash a new dish cloth or towel before using it to get rid of any residue left over from the manufacturing process. With all natural fibres, the more you wash them the more absorbent they become.

The highly durable Natural Cotton Waffle Weave is the perfect accessory for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The famous honeycomb weave has a three dimensional structure resembling a bee’s cellular honeycomb. This weave is also sometimes called the waffle weave, whoever came up with the names was clearly hungry. The texture creates a large surface area which makes it ultra absorbent, at the same time allowing air to flow freely through the weave so that it dries quickly. The thickness of the weave also makes these tea towels ideal for protecting your hands while carrying hot plates or juggling hot potatoes.

We know that any good hardy dishcloth is going to have to withstand heavy use. Constant washing and drying; wiping up spills, cleaning off boards, drying dishes and hands and holding hot trays take their toll on lesser cloths. But our Natural Cotton Waffle Weave Tea Towels are constructed and designed with hard use in mind.

These beauties truly are kitchen essentials.

Our quest to bring you a sustainable and ethical product is in alignment with the core values we uphold, and continues to be actioned by of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, MOVE. Through MOVE we pledge to support the social development, and protect the environment, of the Plettenberg Bay community in which our production is based.

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