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The Mungo Itawuli takes its name from the isiXhosa word for ‘towel’. The Itawuli has become one of the most iconic towels in our range, loved for its bold design and versatility. We’ve seen them used as picnic blankets, a summer throw, yoga mat cover and a tablecloth – they’ve even been turned into clothing!

The striped detail that runs through the middle of the Itawuli makes reference to traditional woolen Basotho Blankets. These blankets were initially woven in England. As the story goes, the 1cm ‘pinstripe’ was woven in to indicate where the fabric was to be cut. But a batch with stripes intact made its way to South Africa. The supposed flaw became popular and was incorporated and uplifted in the local design.

The Itawuli is woven from 100% pure cotton grown in Southern Africa – a highly versatile fibre loved for its soft handle, absorbency and durability. The flat weave design of our towels allows them to fold up tight, ensuring they use less space and water when washing and that they travel well.

You can take your towel wherever you go – towels are the perfect travel companion! A practical addition to any trip, you can wrap it around you for warmth, lie on it on a sandy beach, sleep under it and gaze up at the stars, wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat, wrap it round your head to avoid the paparazzi… And after all that, if it’s still clean enough, you can dry yourself.

A percentage of your Mungo purchase goes towards our CSR MOVE, which aims to empower and uplift the Plettenberg Bay community in which our mill and flagship store is based.

Unlike the traditional terry loop design, our flat weaves are characteristically light and compact. This unique weave allows us to play with the design and structure, resulting in a feast of visual possibilities

Why Go Flat Weave

Super Absorbent: natural cotton is perfect for wicking away moisture on wet skin.

Quick Drying: the unique flat weave design ensures your towel is dry in a jiffy

Compact: characteristically compact, our flat weave towels make for easy travelling & storing

Softer & Softer: Cotton yarn ages well, becoming more and more soft with each and every wash.

Eco-friendly: natural fibres & low bulk for the washing load

Durable: long lasting, not destined for landfill

Mungo Itawuli. Pure cotton flat weave towels, woven at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Mungo Itawuli. Pure cotton flat weave towels, woven at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa
Mungo Itawuli in Blue Moon. A pure cotton towel design, woven and made in South Africa

Customers who bought & used this product shared the below feedback on comfort & quality. If you make a purchase please share your thoughts, we value your feedback!

  1. Way better than a regular towel

    I bought several hand towels as souvenirs when traveling in South Africa, and gave one to my sister, who promptly ordered more of the hand towels and matching bath sheets. After using them in her home I ordered several for mine, and am very happy to use them every day and be rid of my old terry cloth towels. These are just as absorbent and way more beautiful.

    Whitney (verified owner)

  2. excellent

    Traveling in South Africa a few years ago I came across these beautiful towels. They made an impression that stayed with me.
    I finally found out I could order them all the way from my home in upstate NY. I cannot believe how quickly an order arrives!
    The colors make me happy and the quality is excellent. I want to share them with everyone, they make a beautiful gift.
    I miss SA …the world is so big and yet I am so happy to have this ‘thread’ of connection. Wishing everyone there good health and peace during some challenging times.
    Thank you for your good work.

    dion ogust (verified owner)

  3. Exquisite!!

    So beautiful! I’m getting rid of my old terry cloth towels (which seem so drab now!) and replacing them with Itawuli and Tawulo towels. I am mixing it up with the colors and I just love, love, love them. The colors are so bright and cheery – just looking at them makes me happy. They are also very soft and cozy – I live in the High Rockies, so I’ll take all the cozy I can get!

    Brena (verified owner)

  4. The best towels ever -- and now I don't have to fly to S Africa to get them!

    Beyond HAPPY to have found your store. I had bought these amazing Mungo hand towels in Cape Town when we visited in January, and they are the BEST towels ever! They are thick, very absorbent, they don’t shrink, and they keep their shape and color. I was just feeling sad thinking that I can never get more of these towels again, but decided to check Mungo on the internet…and voila! Just ordered 6 more, that will tide me over for a while. I actually am waiting for you to replenish your stock so that I can give these perfect towels to all of my real estate clients as housewarming gifts. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

    Helen Pederslie

  5. Brilliant

    Oh so beautiful! I was curious how they would work as a bath towel, and just as absorbent as they say! I’m going to be replacing my old terry cloth towels with these. I ordered the African Sunset and the color is brilliant and brings cheer to my bathroom! The weave pattern is also amazing.

    Brena (verified owner)

  6. Brilliant colors

    Love these towels. First experience with these towels was in a lodge in South Africa. Beautiful, soft and absorbent. Found a Mondo store in South Africa and bought bath and dish towels. Simply the best. Thrilled I can now purchase on line. Excellent product

    Michele (verified owner)

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  • Hand Towel: 20” x 35”
  • Bath Sheet: 39” x 69”

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