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The Towel

An ultra soft, absorbent and quick-drying towel for beach, bath or pool.

Woven with organic cotton.

Woven on our antique Lancashire looms – shuttle looms that have the unique ability to produce a true selvedge (a tightly woven, non-fraying edge).

Finished with an eyelash fringe.

85cm x 165cm

The Backstory.

In 2019 we embarked on a journey which has led to our Organic Cotton Summer Towel.

It started with a search for organic yarn in Turkey, followed by the Aegean organic towel, and culminating in becoming South Africa’s first (and only) GOTS-certified weaving mill.

Introducing the Summer Towel – a generously sized, GOTS-certified towel, designed for indoor or outdoor use.

Don’t let the name deceive you, this beauty can be used all year round. The Summer Towel is a versatile bath, pool or beach towel that is half as bulky as a standard terry towel, yet equally absorbent. Perfect to tuck neatly in a backpack, picnic basket or beach bag. Its flat weave nature comes with the added bonus of soaking up little to no sand (not so many nooks and crannies for it to get stuck in).

Make a splash on the beach in summer, add a pop of colour to a poolside in spring or create a pocket of brightness in a bathroom any season you like.

Organic Cotton Summer Towel Facts

Woven with GOTS certified organic cotton at South Africa’s only GOTS certified mill

Weighs half as much as a terry-towel, transports easily, dries quickly and uses less water to wash.

Features a true selvedge, a self finished edge that won’t fray or come loose.

Versatile bath, pool or beach towel that will serve you well anywhere you choose to use it.

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  • Bath Towel: approx 34″ x 65″

Because this towel is woven on our antique Lancashire looms, which are about 175 years old, the size can sometimes be slightly smaller or larger.

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