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Breathable and soft Cellular Baby Blanket Blanket, woven from pure GOTS-certified organic cotton at the Mungo Mill.

A classic cellular weave gives a breathable yet warm feel, with organic cotton for an ultra soft finish that’s non toxic to soil and soft skin.

Woven on our 120-year-old Lancashire shuttle looms, which results in a baby blanket with a looser tension, softer feel and a true selvedge (a self-finished edge that prevents the fabric from fraying).

80cm x 120cm.

Designed, woven, made in South Africa.

Why Shop Organic for Baby

Super soft: handpicked to preserve each individual fibre, organic cotton is ultra soft to the touch

Kind to skin & soil: soft organic cotton is non-toxic to young skin and the earth

Breathable: light and and textural weave ensures a cosy, breathable sleep

Suited to sensitive skin: chemical-free and naturally hypoallergenic

Timeless appeal: classic weaves and natural colours give Mungo baby blankets their keepsake quality

Woven to last: high quality, handpicked fibres for an heirloom quality

We feel it’s our responsibility to always look to change how we manufacture and what our impact is on the planet, and so going organic is part of that shift.

– Dax Holding, Managing Director

At Mungo we commit to continually tweaking, refining and innovating to ensure that all our production processes are done with the utmost respect for people and the planet. Organic cotton farming presents a future for more sustainable textile production, and going forward we’d like to shift all our yarn to organic sources.

What is GOTS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the world-leading textile processing standard for organic fibres. It ensures that our cotton is grown without harsh chemicals, relying on the wisdom of farmers. It defines the highest level of environmental and social criteria, from harvesting, to socially responsible manufacturing, providing a credible assurance along the entire supply chain.

South Africa’s First GOTS Mill

In 2020 we undertook to acquire GOTS certification. Over a three-day period, each division of the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay was carefully scrutinised by Control Union – an independent certification body. We were monitored from waste disposal to yarn lots, energy consumption, labour practices and health and safety. Compliance was met across the board, from our design and production, right through to our weaving, CMT, finishing, laundry, wholesale and retail departments… thus making us the first GOTS-certified weaving mill in the country.

Open daily to the public, the Mungo Mill evidences our commitment to open and transparent production, where we weave heirloom-quality textiles using the highest quality threads.

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  • 31″ x 45″

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