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Comfort, simplicity and luxury all in one! The intricate design of the classic herringbone weave and the velvety texture of the chenille yarn gives this throw a luxurious tactile quality.

The herringbone weave is often referred to as the ‘arrowhead twill’ or ‘featherhead twill’. Visually, the design resembles the bare backbone of a fish. It is a strong and hard-wearing weave that was historically used for the production of Harris Tweed.

Traditionally a herringbone weave meets in the middle and creates a sharp zigzag. Our undulating Herringbone has a much softer, curved effect, which is something achieved through the intricate process of ‘drawing in’ the warp sheet on the loom so that the threads do not run in parallel lines.

These opulent throws are robust with strong colour-fastness (viscose chenille is known for its ability to hold colour well) and will maintain their sheen and soft lustre for years to come.

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  • 51″ x 63″ – Single
  • 63″ x 79″ – Double
  • 63″ x 87″ – Queen
  • 63″ x 98″ – King

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